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Ghid montan

Ghid montan

I started hiking back in the fall of 1980. My first trip was at Garofita hut in Piatra Craiului mountains, in a school trip. We arrived there at night, weren't ablee to see much, but in the morning I've been breathless: the western wall of Piatra Craiului, far above a redished by autumn beech forest, in a cool and beautiful October.

We've begun hiking early in the morning, over Tamasel, to the Umeri and from Marele Grohotis up to the Poiana Inchisa. Here we were able to see a flock of fortytwo chamoises. Not even today didn't overpass this record! Never saw a hoard getting at least closer this number... Anyhow, fully armed with my "scary" Smena 8M, which I bought that summer repairing wood bins for money, I did a lot of pictures which I have been very disappointed of, after. Black-and-white, the chamoises were like some small dots on a gray wall... It wasn't at all what I was experiencing. But the memories, the emotions and the determination to be in the mountains every time I can, still exists.

Since then, I went on almost all mountains in Romania, but also in the Alpes, Rila, Caucasus, Dolomites and Vosges... In 2005 I climbed Mt Elbrus – 5642 meters, the highest peak in the geographical Europe, but I can say that there were greater alpine tours in here or in the Alpes, what offered me higher sensations... So, it's not the altitude what matters first!

Meanwhile, thanks to my occupation by being a mountain rescuer –which became a full job- I've guided tourists, skiers, mountain-bikers and alpinists from fifteen different countries. I did specialise myself in mountain biking and ski touring because it assures a fast access, the pleasure of moving in the mountains, being combined with a fast succeeding of the landscape variety. And when the relief is not suitable for biking or skiing, I return to the eternal hiking or rock climbing.

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