Ion Sanduloiu


My name is Ion Sanduloiu, but relatives and friends are calling me Adi. Reason? It seems that my birthday came with some misunderstanding about surnames, but this is an old story.

First time I used a camera was at the age of 16. Obviously, a Smena! I had been working for two weeks, with some neighbourhood friends repairing wood bins for bottles, in a depot. This depot was the place where broked bins were brought in for repairs and we were prolonging their lifespan a litlle bit, for 0,65 lei/bin. This is how I made the money for my first camera. So, after that, I was taking pictures of my colleagues at the highschool and soon I bought a film enlarger UPA-5M, also soviet made. So, I was fully equipped!

Then... I enterd the storm of changing equipment for better, so I passed through Zenit, Praktica and now I am with Canon.

It means:

  • EOS 7D
  • EF 70-200 mm L f4
  • EF 300 mm f:4 L
  • EF 17-40 mm L f4
  • 1,4 converter Kenko DG Pro 300
  • Samyang 8 mm f:3,5
  • Speedlite EX 580 II
  • tripod-monopod Cullmann
  • a camouflage tent and a camouflage net, if I'm too visible.

I have to admit that I do owe a lot to my other big hobby, the mountaineering. It has been generous, tolerated me and offered me moments which only those who share the same hobby can live it, too. I only was just there and I shot. Anyhow, now I'm living from my hobbies, because I'm a mountain rescuer and mountain guide and in the last years I also have an evening job, teaching Photography at the local Artschool in Pitesti, my city. How is the result, you'll decide it!

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