Ion Sanduloiu


In 2000, I've got a bird determinator from some french friends. It's true that they knew I want the book, because I wanted to be able to identify what I was seeing in the mountaines. Slowly, I started to be able to identify noumerous species of birds, some of them among the songs, but this also gave birth to the photographing desire. So, When I was sure that there is no more beautiful landscape than the mountaines, I discovered Danube Delta and Dobrogea. And if the main delta is is strange and beautiful (especially the old area with flooded aged willow forests) find out that Dobrogea is fantastic. If from mid summer to late autumn it has an aspect of asian sunburned high plane, everything changes in Mai or beginning of June, when the environment got some water.

Just imagine a dense beech tree forest, full of Dobrogea peony, relict and endemic species. Go out from the forest and you'll meet meadows with rare durmasts, full of variousely coloured flowers and crawling 2-3 kilo turtles, or emerald coloured grass lizzards, with a sky blue neck. Or... The steppe viper, short and bulky, with the most toxic venom among the snake species in Romania.

Roughly, this is Dobrogea which seduces me.

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